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1: Integrity in Political Contributions
2: Living Wages for Honest Work
3: Affordable Healthcare for Ohioans
4: A Healthy Ohio Environment
5: Capital Punishment and Cruel Treatment
6: Ohio as an Ancestry-Neutral State
7: Ending Sexism
8: Protecting the Voice of the People
9: Streamlining Ballot Initiatives
10: Plain Language Requirement
11: Legislative Oversight for Rulemaking
12: Decennial Government Audit
13: Appointment of Judges for Limited Terms
14: Automatic Voter Registration
15: Annual Primary Election Day
16: Term Limits for Ohio Politicians
17: Making Ohio’s Education the Best
18: The Great Ohio Hyperloop
19: Efficient Electricity in Ohio
20: Smart, Safe, and Profitable Waste Disposal
21: Commonsense Tax Reform
22: Corporations Are Not People
23: Responsible Corporate Purpose in Ohio
24: Legal Residency Verification
25: Ending Corrupt Corporate Handouts
26: Ensuring a Free and Independent Press
27: Preventing Practice of Child Brides
28: Universal Ohio Identification Card
29: American English as the Official Language
30: Ohio Energy Independence
31: Clean and Renewable Energy
32: Migrating to Electric Vehicles
33: Knowledge of Ingredients in Goods Exchanged
34: Knowledge of Chemicals Used in the State
35: Liability for Polluting with Toxic Chemicals
36: Fracking and Pipeline Ban
37: Prohibition on Contacts with Human Rights Violators
38: Science-Based Medicine and Healthcare
39: Election Days as State Holidays
40: One General Election Day Per Year
41: The Ohio Frontier Project
42: The Largest Particle Accelerator in History
43: The Great Ohio Supercomputer System
44: The Great Ohio Internet Mandate
45: The Great Ohio Journal of Science
46: The Great Ohio Idea Factory
47: The Great Ohio Agriculture Laboratory
48: The Great Ohio Healthy Living Project
49: The Bank of Ohio
50: The Ohio Methuselah Trust
51: The Ohio Citizen Online System
52: The Annual Census
53: Federal Policy
54: The Ohio Pledge of Allegiance
55: The Ohio State Motto
56: Mandatory Holidays
57: The Great Dionysia
58: Safeguarding Ohio Sports
59: Police Bodycameras Act
60: Dog Protection Act
61: Decriminalize Substances
62: Lake Erie and Ohio Waterways Protection
63: Libel and Slander
64: Anti-Revenge Porn
65: Preveting STI Spreading
66: Freedom of Movement for Children
67: Ending False Criminal Reports
68: Ohio’s Sound Evidence Requirement
69: Eliminating Standardized Testing
70: The Best Textbooks for All Ohio Students
71: School Day Schedule
72: Statewide Safety Standards in Sports Equipment
73: Ending Zero Tolerance Policies
74: Updated Curriculum
75: Sexual Health and Wellness Education
76: Musical Instrument Program
77: Firearms Training for Ohio Students
78: Summer Break and School Year Schedule
79: Statewide Dress Code
80: Cell Phone Prohibition in the Classroom
81: Display of the Ohio State Flag
82: Statewide Standard for Healthy Meals in School
83: Statewide Standard for Health Beverages in School
84: Free Speech on Campus
85: Sexual Assault on Campus
86: Strong Students, No Coddling
87: Mandatory Vaccine Requirement
88: Annual Healthcare Checkup
89: Healthcare and IUD Access for Women
90: Elimination of Lead Hazards in Ohio
91: Conducting a Duel of Fisticuffs Lawfully
92: Passing Lane Requirements
93: Whistleblower Protection Act
94: Ohio Athlete Promotion and Protection Act
95: A Healthy SNAP
96: Prisoner Priviledges and Punishments
97: Prohibited Advertising
98: General Road Provision
99: Prohibited Goods and Services
100: The Annual Ohio Taxpayer Receipt
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